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Cracked Servers

We provide both modded and vanilla rust servers for our community which can be joined by both cracked and legit players

Cracked Client

We provide reliable and stable client for our Rust Community which can be used by all to join cracked servers

Ultimate Launcher

With our launcher you can play Rust with increased performance, update and validate your client's files and secure your accounts from being emulated on Rusticaland's servers

Cheaters banned
Years of Service


1. General

  • 1.1 Only ENGLISH language allowed in global chat!
  • 1.2 Spamming the chat may result in a temp mute!
  • 1.3 Joining from Russia / Russian players are not allowed to play here because of the high usage of cheats
  • 1.4 Lying to / impersonating a staff member may result in a PERMANENT BAN!

2. Safezone and VIPs

  • 2.1 No fight with heli at safe zone!
  • 2.2 Only VIPs are allowed to sleep in the safezone, other players are not allowed and will be teleported out!
  • 2.3 VIPs are only allowed one room for themselves and leaving the other rooms untouched!
  • 2.4 Don’t cause chaos, like stealing every other player’s items out of Bench, recycler etc.
  • 2.5 Accessing VIP area as non-VIP may / looting VIP room definitely result in a PERMANENT BAN!

3. Hacking and Cheats usage

  • 3.1 Having/using cheats, hacks, exploits, bugs (no matter how long or it was used at all) result in a PERMANENT BAN!
  • 3.2 Having recent VAC / gamebans (from any game) within 60 days may result in a PERMANENT BAN!
  • 3.2.1 The Staff is holding the privilege, to ban players with VAC / Gamebans, on their own volition!
  • 3.2.2 Having VAC / gameban from RUST result in a PERMANENT BAN! If you can’t join an official server due to your bans, you won’t be able to join here as well.
  • 3.3 Asking for cheats or sharing cheats or help to break the rules is prohibited.
  • 3.4 Supporting or concealing of hackers, even if you don’t use hacks yourself may result in a PERMANENT BAN!
  • 3.5 Ban evading result in a PERMANENT BAN!
  • 3.5.1 Ban evading VAC / EAC gameban with cracked client usage also counts and will be punished as ban evade.

About us

 Rusticaland is a small group willing to provide a free custom rust client with our own server to help people experience Rust. This small project has been going for 5 years and now, we are proud to have the largest cracked rust community. To play, download the client then extract using Winrar or 7-zip then launch using Rusticaland-Quicklauncher.exe, make sure steam is opened and logged in.

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