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Our other Temp. Currently Running Servers

To join Terraria Server, Download TModLoader.

Those Servers are Currently running on our Network

and are reachable with our standart DNS


If you got a suggestion or a request on what server we should open to give you guys a playground, just let us know over Teamspeak,Discord or the Tawk-support Chat.

Download here our –Rusticaland Launcher – “Steam Edition”
— The launcher is not ONLY for our server
you can play on any Server you want with it!–

Get Advantage of
-Smaller- Game updates
Special Game Configs for Low-End Potatos!
Chance to get lucky and win Free Vip!


To download RUST client go to “Servers” menu -> “RUST -> “Download”

Rusticaland Launcher is an application created for Rusticaland RUST clients to manage the updates for the clients instead of forcing the users download a full client at every week. RusticalandLauncher is packed with every Rust Experimental client.

Rusticaland RUST banlist is available: https://goo.gl/B7WrQd